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Dear Beryl,

I am desperate for advice.  My darling daughter is starting at the Market Bosworth school and I am completely confused regarding dress code for mothers dropping off their children.  The last thing I wish is to make an error in the dress, hair or makeup code.  Any advice would be greatly received.

Thank you


Dear Cordelia,

Thank you for your letter.  Appearance is so important and the first few days dropping off your darling daughter will be the best chance to impress fellow parents.  The afternoon before I suggest a full facial with mask, a seaweed wrap, manicure, pedicure, eye brow tint and wax.  In the morning it is best to be up by 4.30am at the latest for a long soak in the bath with a second face mask.  Book your hair dresser for no later than 5.30am giving you enough time for makeup and the decision on what to wear. Make sure it’s a designer label, stick to something that can be recognised from the cover of a recent copy of Vogue or Good Housekeeping. Plan you entrance for maximum effect, mount the pavement in your 4x4 at speed or if there’s no room on the grass then blatantly block two adjacent driveways as you abandon your vehicle. Remember this is all about you not some silly parking regulations. If you work and wear some form of corporate/work wear, DO NOT wear this. Go home and change before work. Repeat this every day and just maybe you’ll make a good enough impression to be invited to be a PTA helper. Be warned, you are unlikely to be invited to join the inner circle of the PTA unless you have a double-barrelled surname and a pony.