Bosworth Fraud Distresses V.I.P.

 Hello Bosworth is distressed to report that a V.I.P. visitor to The Battle Of Bosworth Heritage Centre has given negative feedback.

Hello Bosworth has been made aware of a video expressing the visitor's disappointment in discovering that the Centre had claimed to be on the site of the battle, but may not be the location of the death of the last King of England to die on the battlefield.

The Bosworth Heritage Centre tells the dramatic story of the Battle of Bosworth Field on Monday 22nd August 1485, which marked a major turning point in English history. An informant, however, has revealed to Hello Bosworth over an unoffical pint in the Dixie Arms that rumbles of dissatisfaction have been expressed by a Distinguished Visitor.  The official representative of the Centre has declined to comment on their claims to be the genuine site of the battle.

They suggested that any readers wanting more information should visit their website

Hello Bosworth recommends that our readers watch the video and make up their own minds based on the evident facts.