All Market Bosworth Residents To Attend Compulsory Parking Lessons


 It has been announced today that all residents of Market Bosworth are to attend compulsory parking lessons after the recent death of the local traffic warden who sadly died of laughing at the unbelievable parking habits of the locals.  The late Ford Parker had only just returned to work after suffering a Repetitive Strain Injury from writing so many tickets in Market Bosworth.

Market Bosworth Local Resident Arthur Job's Parking


Local councillor, Carmen Ghia has taken this remarkable move to due to the complete disregard of parking laws by locals who have decided that yellow lines, parking on junctions, on grass, on pavements, on children and on zig zags are all acceptable.  Carmen has said that if locals are unable to complete the parking lessons successfully the only course will be to turn the whole of Bosworth into a pedestrian zone with a park and ride scheme operating from Nuneaton.

Local resident Arthur Job complained ‘I have always parked were I like, I am local and this is Market Bosworth and these laws don't apply to me.'