Market Bosworth To Host Adult Panto

Christmas is approaching rapidly and plans are afoot for entertainment in Market Bosworth. This year the Purely Adult Pantomime Society will be putting on their version of A Christmas Carol entitled‘Screwge’!

The cast take a traditional story and play with it to provide some seriously-adult entertainment - packing it with politically incorrect jokes, raunchy plots and blatant sexual innuendo! This irreverent rework of the Dickens’ classic is not recommended for the easily-offended. 

Production Director and Head of Innuendo, Hugh Janus said ‘This year we have a fantastic cast and some stunning special effects, the audience won’t believe what they are seeing. People will never look at a ping-pong ball in the same way again!’


Michael Hunt alias Jake the Peg (the villain of the piece) said, ‘When the audience shouts “he’s behind you” the female lead or for that matter Daisy the cow had better clench or they may get a part they weren’t expecting. 



Last year’s production, The Orange, The MP and The Wardrobe turned out to be a complete flop after Warwickshire constabulary raided the rehearsal rooms and confiscated the entire supply of Viagra. 

The PAPS will be appearing from 28th December at The Grammar School in Bosworth for 7 nights. Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door, concessions considered for those in appropriate costumes!