Barlestone Now Officially B.M.T

From our foreign correspondent in Newbold Verdon

Hello Bosworth are proud to officially announce that Barlestone have today received their official confirmation from the Government that they have been successful in applying for one of the very few ‘Time Licences’.

As from today Barlestone will be 1 hour behind the rest the country.  On a day to day this basis this will mean rush hour and school run traffic will be cut dramatically within Barlestone.  But it is New Year’s Eve that will see the real benefit for locals in and around the area.  Everyone will be able to welcome in the New Year in Barlestone at midnight B.M.T and then continue the celebration in maybe Newbold Verdon, Bagworth, Desford or even Market Bosworth one hour later at midnight G.M.T.

During an exclusive interview with Hello Bosworth spokesman for group that applied for the ‘Time Licence’ Ben Greenwich.  He stated that the whole village is going to celebrating for being picked for the licence.  Plans are falling into place for New Year's eve, London has the Millennium Wheel but we have the Barlestone Winding Wheel.

Party Time in Barlestone Starts.  

 The Wheel will be the centre of the New Year celebration.  Ben said ‘I have a friend of a friend who can get us some fireworks and I’ll be lighting the fuse and we will have 3 packets of sparklers’. Barlestone are hoping that they will be able to attract some visitors from London.  Last year an estimated 500,000 visited London for the New Year celebration but this year is a ticket only event with numbers limited to 100,000 so we are preparing to try and attract some if not all of the estimated 400,000 disappointed revellers, three have already confirmed their intention to be there, but one is awaiting confirmation of running times of the 153 bus.

Hello Bosworth wish Barlestone good luck in their plans for turning their village into the countries New Year’s Eve Party centre.