Three Year Old Found Abandoned in Desford

A POUND COIN has been found abandoned in the phone box in Desford

The coin was discovered in the early hours of Saturday morning by revellers who had been taking part in a competitive charity event at the Blue Bell Inn. The competition involved racing around an obstacle course on a space hopper with a hungry ferret in your trousers.

 “My mobile was an early casualty”, explained Mark ‘Tiny’ Price, “I left it in my pocket and it got bitten”.

“I had to go to the phone box to call a taxi. As I was trying to reach the buttons I noticed this little bundle on the floor, I’d nearly trodden on it !”

The pound, which is thought to be only 3 or 4 years old was damp and cold but otherwise intact. Nurses at George Eliot Hospital have named the coin Penny.

 Chief Constable Simon Cole last night appealed for the coin’s owner to come forward.

“We realise this is a sensitive situation”, he explained, “and we must stress that we are not looking to prosecute at this stage. We just want the owner of the coin to contact us. They can remain anonymous, but we do need to show them what a genuine public convenience looks like.”

Anyone with any information about the money can contact the police on 999.