Our Readers Make A Stand Against The Beast

Hello Bosworth were amazed by the local feeling towards our recent article regarding The Beast of Bosworth. Only days after formally presenting proof of the beast in this publication, at least 2,000 people turned up at the Market Place to make a stand against the beast and to support the local hunt who are now leading the hunt for the beast.

When our reporters questioned the police and organisers, they all denied any link between the Boxing Day hunt meeting and the beast, but member of the local hunt Col. Witherby-Smythe-Smythe (Ret.) said 'We're out to catch this animal, reminds me of my childhood in India and going on a good tiger hunt'!

 It was noted the hunt did make a pass around the town then headed to Bosworth Court Nursing Home and spent some time in the car park with the hounds, raising suspicion that the beast might be a werewolf possibly hiding in plan sight.

Although hunting with dogs is now banned, we understand this does not cover the hunting of fictitious beasts.

Beast Hunters Just Before Checking Bosworth Court Nursing Home.