Market Bosworth Looses Out Over King Richard III

Locals in Market Bosworth are mortified at the announcement the town will not be included in Richard III's Funeral Route.

The breaking news of the changed route for the funeral precession caused much upset in Market Bosworth after the details of the original route the body took were uncovered. Historian Dr. Emma Roid has now uncovered the route that the body of the dead king took and will no longer be passing through the town made famous over the 1485 battle.

 King Richard III yesterday

 Historical records have been discovered that route the body took failed to visit Market Bosworth, The King was taken from the battlefield crossing the A447 towards Newbold Verdon via Bosworth Lane.  Historical records further explain that as King Richard III fought with a shield noted to have sported an insignia of a Dragon, so it was decided that the procession should pass down Dragon Lane into Newbold Verdon on its way to Leicester.  At this point, it was recorded that the procession stopped at a tavern for refreshment and it was stated that the groups thirst was quenched with ‘lashings of ye old Stella Artois’.

So Newbold Verdon will get the eyes of the whole world upon it whilst Market Bosworth is left out.  Barry Flagg, local residence of Newbold Verdon has expressed his pleasure.  ‘At last Newbold Verdon will be seen by the world.’ But Market Bosworth residents are up in arms, angry local businessman John Potter said ‘We have had to put up with tourists for years visiting the town after the battlefield tour, taking up all the parking spaces, getting lost in the one way system, filling the town with brash Americans and this is how we are thanked, I blame the Government, it’s always their fault’.