Watch out for gangs of unruly school teachers, warn police

With the Christmas holidays quickly approaching, Market Bosworth police have warned residents to be on the watch out for gangs of antisocial school teachers hanging around street corners.

“Sadly, at around this time every year we have to deal with hordes of disorderly school teachers from all the local schools and colleges celebrating the end of term.” said PC Neil Peasant.

“Whilst the kids all go home to begin their preparations for next term, the teachers all congregate in Market Bosworth’s market place to drink Chardonnay and smoke all the cigarettes they confiscated throughout the term”

The English Department Last Year

 Market Bosworth Council also issued a warning to the public.

“Basically they’re a nuisance. On the evening of the last day of the autum term last year police caught them trying to enter an underage disco for 12-16 year olds.

After getting firmly rejected they all got on their mopeds and raced up and down Station Road and around the one way system in the early hours of the morning.”

School teacher Nick Vespas, who teaches English Language to years 8 and 9, blamed the council,

“There’s nuffik for me and me teacha crew to do over the Christmas holidays. Jus' postin' selfies of me and me posse in our Christmas hoodies faking lesson prep and marking homework.  End up jus' going out and hanging an' da 5-0, dey jus' wanna hassle us teachas like, in’it bruv”