After months of protests and public meetings, a start date for fracking on Market Bosworth Country Park has been agreed and will start in the new year. Locals and regular users on the park will have noticed the considerable amount of work being done with test drilling over the last 6 months.


Local residence have been split of the controversial form of mining. Leader of the protest group Ashley Flag, has been fighting the fracking. He said 'Where am I going to walk my dog now? I wish it would just frack off!' Although he collected 17 signatures in protest of fracking that was delivered to 10 Downing Street, he has failed in his battle. Local supporter and business man Roger Hare was happy with the outcome. He said 'It has secured the future of Market Bosworth and will bring much needed money to the area.' Local estate agents anticipates a boom in property values. 


The majority of The Park will be taken up with up with the fracking well and service buildings. Construction company 'Big Dave's Fracking Co' has explained due to traffic hot spot at Bull In The Oak all building supplies will be transported via Cadeby.