Parish Clergymen were calling this week for the withdrawal of thousands of reprinted Order of Service booklets after a simple error replaced every occurrence of the word “Amen” with the words “The National Anthem”. The 6,000 sheets were specially reprinted to add a bit of class to the Market Bosworth section of the Richard III funeral procession.

“This mistake is slowing my job up no end,” complained Revd Dominic McClean of St. Peter’s church in Market Bosworth. “The flow of the service is interrupted terribly if every time I read a short prayer, I have to spend 4 or 5 minutes listening to the whole congregation singing the National Anthem in response.”

Weddings are taking up to an hour longer than usual and the backlog of christenings has become so severe that members of the Territorial Clergy have been proving skeleton services from the back of a Green Goddess truck in the church car park.

Several churchmen have expressed concerns that unless the service sheets are changed their pews will be full of patriotic parishioners 24 hours a day. Local Royalist, Joliet Filename exclaimed “I’m in turmoil, on the one hand it’s fantastic to hear Maj’s song so often, on the other it looks like it will be another 500 years before we’ll be able to bury King Richard III.

The printers of the service sheets have apologised and offered a complementary set of post-it notes as compensation.