One can scarcely fail to notice the deterioration of standards across Leicestershire. Problems in one village, Wellsborough, have made it stand out from its neighbours. A resident of Sibson, Chorlton Cum-Hardy (81) commented, ‘It starts off with little things like forgetting to use seating cards for dinner and soon becomes an epidemic of poor etiquette. Suddenly they’re using the wrong spoon for the grapefruit and not following elementary outside-in cutlery rules. Apparently some Wellsburian children are incapable of pronouncing Ma’am correctly, it’s a disgrace.


Other Faux Pas’s committed recently by residents have included wearing a black tie at the dinner club and serving the pastries before the scones during afternoon tea.

Colonel Fawcett of Market Bosworth is disgusted by behaviour in Wellsborough. He has started a campaign to petition Hinckley and Bosworth Council to serve a Suitable Behaviour Order (SBO) on the village. If granted the SBO would be removed from the place name leaving the village with the new name WELL ROUGH which in the circumstances is highly appropriate.