Health & Safety Advice For Bosworth At Christmas 

As Christmas season begins, council officials are reminding local residents about important health and safety issues. After a close call last year the council is making extra efforts to get their message across - Getting run over by the Father Christmas float could potentially be bad for your health. Official advice is that locals should avoid walking or standing right in front of the large Father Christmas float because according to research by health experts – getting run over by something that weighs over 5 tonnes could be quite bad for you. “This isn’t difficult…” says Market Bosworth Father Christmas float official Elf Garry Snail (71), “You’d think that a float illuminated with over a thousand light bulbs, blaring out Christmas music and travelling at a steady 4mph wouldn’t be a particularly difficult thing to avoid.” “So if you do see it, please ensure that you are not idly stood right in front of it.” The mandatory reminder comes after reports that Market Bosworth Rhomboid Chair Christmas float drivers have been given orders to ‘stop for no one‘ - Father Christmas must NOT be late this year. “Stand in front of Father Christmas and his float and we will consider you collateral damage.” warns Snail, “This float won't be late again.” 

The Real Father Christmas Relaxing Yesterday

 With all the controversy over last year’s claim that Market Bosworth didn't have the real Father Christmas we are really pushing the boat out for the Christmas light turning on set for 6pm on 1st December. We have the real Father Christmas, reindeer, various market stalls and late night shopping with many shops staying open for an extra 20 minutes. The turning on of Bosworth’s lights is always well attended and excellent advice is being offered. It includes, wear something warm. Don't expect to park in The Market Square – although many locals will attempt this. Selfie sticks are banned. Spectators have also been reminded that in order to get the best possible experience at this year’s parade, they should be facing towards the lights with their eyes in the open position. Please join in with the count down provided this doesn’t involve taking your socks off to help with the numbers. Finally remember if all you can see is white panelling, you’re probably stood behind a burger van!