McLaren are to relocate their research and development facilities to Market Bosworth. The team, currently based in Milton Keynes made the shock announcement after a testing session of their new MP4-29H prototype in Abu Dhabi this week.

McLaren are switching from the Mercedes manufactured power unit to one from Honda. Director of Racing, Eric Boullier commented, ‘ This all makes perfect sense. It’s about saving the environment, Bosworth is nearly 15 miles closer than Milton Keynes is to the Honda engine factory at Tochigi in Japan.’

 ‘Overcrowded facilities at Silverstone have also become an issue. We’re looking forward to laying down some rubber down at Mallory Park and using the excellent facilities at MIRA near Nuneaton.'    

‘We’re relocating to the Industrial Estate on Station Road’, said Boullier.

‘The location first came to our
attention when it won the UK award for the shortest road sign.’ 

‘We plan is offset some of the moving costs by selling leftover engine parts to local boy racers to fit to their Honda Civics”, added Eric.

Locals have expressed concerns about the potential noise levels from engine testing. McLaren today issued a statement saying 'Absolutely no testing will take place between 22:00 and 09:00 hours except on race weekends or occasionally when the engineers have had a few bevvies up at Ye Olde Red Lion on a Friday Night.'